Screen Printing on Vinyl

Vinyl substrate printing produces brighter graphics and colors than printing on standard paper. Vinyl provides extreme durability, longevity, and flexibility. It will also last longer than paper and is regularly used for posters and banners. Screen printing on vinyl provides a more dynamic overall quality than what paper can provide. The graphics and colors will dramatically stand out due to the interaction between the colored graphics and vinyl material.

Vinyl Printing Provides Longevity

Vinyl provides profound durability, so it will hold up in a wide range of conditions or environments. Some of the applications that can utilize the flexibility, durability, and longevity of vinyl substrate printing, include:

  • Outdoor events
  • Trade shows
  • Indoor office spaces
  • Outdoor business signage
  • And more 

For improved outdoor use waterproof or UV resistant vinyl is also available to prevent damage from rain, sun, and wind. 

Advantages of Printing on Vinyl

Digital printing allows for the transfer of complex designs, without negatively impacting the overall durability of the vinyl substrate. Screen printing on vinyl is also an extremely quick and easy process; it delivers a better overall monetary value and can be done with extremely quick turnaround times. Some the benefits that can be provided by vinyl substrate printing, include:

Vinyl Substrate Printing Weather Resistant Qualities

Graphics and sign designs that are created through the screen printing on vinyl process are better able to stand up to the harsh conditions of outdoor use, which allows you to continue to display your designs regardless of extreme temperatures, or weather conditions.

Screen Printing on Vinyl Provides Long-Term Value

The weather resistant properties of vinyl graphics and signs provide an extended monetary value. Vinyl substrate printing produces signs that are highly flexible, providing extended durability and longevity. This can potentially increase your budget for more store signage or other product displays. 

Vinyl Substrate Printing Provides Extreme Flexibility & Durability 

Since vinyl is naturally flexible and easy to cut vinyl printed signs provide profound durability, functionality, and longevity. Additionally, vinyl substrate printed signs can be easily adapted for use in a wide range of locations. 

Screen Printing on Vinyl is Ultra Convenient 

Canvases and mounted boards are difficult to transport and are heavy to hang. In contrast, vinyl is easy to move and reuse. Depending on your selected display structure, it’s generally simple to assemble and if you ever need space-saving storage, vinyl can be easily rolled up without damaging the print. 

Vinyl Substrate Printed Designs Can Be Used Anywhere

Vinyl prints are incredibly versatile and can be reused for multiple events. This means you’ll be prepared for any last-minute business opportunities without exhausting your marketing budget or scrambling for old, out of date posters in storage. Screen printing on vinyl will allow you to easily advertise your brand at trade shows, special events and shop fronts. Plus, vinyl is flexible and lightweight so it’s easy for mobile marketing, including vinyl car wraps and boat decals. 

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Screen Printing on Vinyl

Screen Printing on Vinyl

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