Plastic Screen Printing

Screen printing or silk-screening is a highly specialized process used to print on flat and flexible plastic surfaces. This printing method is compatible with various types of plastic and produces bold, bright, firm and metallic colors that make your designs stand out.

Silk-Screen Label Printing Process

We use the highest grade equipment to print on plastic and other soft or flexible materials with extreme precision producing clear, sharp images. Our automated silk-screening on plastic machines provide fast and easily repeatable designs, which allows for consistent, perfect prints each time in resolutions up to 100 LPI. We can print your silk screen labels using a variety of specialized inks and/or chemicals, including custom colors, fluorescent, metallic, conductive, insulated, textured and protective options.

Sine-tific serves industries including tech, military, aerospace, and others with strict quality standards and has the experience to handle complex printing projects. Plastic printed labels can be added to nearly any material we work with, allowing for complete customization of your parts and components. Before starting a project, we supply mock-ups or examples of previous work to show you what the finished product would look like and ensure it meets your requirements.

Contact us to learn more about silk-screening on plastic, or request a quote for more in-depth custom plastic label printing details.

Advantages of Silk-Screen Printing on Plastic

Custom screen label printing on plastic provides several advantages, including:

  • Won’t fade, tear, stain, wrinkle or peel off
  • Steam resistant and waterproof
  • Clean look, without label edges
  • Extremely cost-efficient
  • Easily recyclable
  • No creative restrictions

Plastic Screen Printing Materials Options

We have the capabilities to print designs a wide range of plastic label materials, some of which include:

Polyester Screen Printing  Acrylic Screen Printing

Is Silk Screening on Plastic the Right Choice for your Project?

Our team of experts have the knowledge and capabilities to work with you to determine if screen printing on plastic is the best option for your project requirement needs. Some of the qualities and needs that could justify the use of screen printing on a plastic part include:

  • An image needs to be placed on a flat plastic object
  • An image can be printed with multiple passes
  • A large bold image is required

Your #1 Source for Silk-Screening on Plastic Labels

Contact us for more information regarding our silk-screening on plastic and plastic decorating capabilities, or request a quote today for an in-depth price analysis.

Screen Printing on Plastic

Screen Printing on Plastic


Screen Printing on Plastic

Custom Screen Printing on Plastic

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