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Made-To-Order Die Fabrication

Dies are used in manufacturing industries to cut or shape materials. They are used to create any unique, custom design that the application requires. The dies are metal blocks that are mounted onto a press and use pressure to form different materials including plastic and sheet metal.

There are several types of dies that can be created, depending on the need. Regardless of the kind of stamping die, they all work to punch, form, or perform a combination of both. This means that the die will either cut metal by using the cutting clearance or form materials into a specific shape using a combination of equipment that makes up a die set including a blank, a setting block, and a guide.

The Die Making Process Ensures Quality and Accuracy in Your Custom dies

There are several steps involved in creating made-to-order dies. When designing a die, all parts of the die set must be taken into consideration. These components include:

  • Scrap strip
  • Die block
  • Blanking punch
  • Piercing punches
  • Punch plate
  • Pilots
  • Gages
  • Finger Stop
  • Automatic Stop
  • Stripper
  • Fasteners

All of these components are drawn in relation to one another, taking into consideration the required dimensions of each part to create the appropriately sized die. Once the design is determined, a prototype can be made to assess the right die geometry and to determine the appropriate materials to use.

During the actual machining process, rough machining is done first and then finished machining. Once all of the die components are created, they are assembled into their die set and then tested for quality assurance to ensure they will work without error. For larger dies, additional adjustment may need to be made to make sure the die performs properly.

Specific Design Considerations Ensure Repeatability

Creating a die that works well for your application can lead to many benefits. When a die is properly manufactured, it can provide:

  • Consistently good designs
  • Quick, effortless, repeatable work
  • Fewer erasures
  • Improved appearance of drawings
  • Stronger, more effective punch and die components

For made-to-order dies, specific design considerations should be kept in mind to ensure that the die does the proper job consistently and accurately. These considerations include:

  1. Minimize vibration in the die: In order to minimize the vibration, the cutter punches are staggered, and the strip lift is minimized. This increases the dimensional stability, leading to less movement and less wear over time.
  2. Keep the strop level and in progression: Throughout the entire die stamping process, the strip should remain parallel at all times. If the strip starts to sag, lifters should be added to maintain the balance.
  3. Keep the die balanced: When the die is used to punch or press a piece of material, it’s important that it does so with equal pressure on all sides, so the part comes out correct. The guides within the die set should be robust enough to compensate for any lateral forces affecting the die.
  4. Design for repeatability: The goal with dies is to be able to produce consistently accurate products. In order to do that, the die needs to be designed to minimize the chances of errors. One way to do this is to make it impossible to put cutting or forming materials in upside down or backward.
  5. Apply continuous improvement: While it’s important to design an accurate die that minimizes errors the first time, changes will need to be made over time as the die is put to use. Pay attention to small details and make the adjustments as they are required.

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