Our State-of-the-art ZUND Digital Cutter

At Sine-tific, we are always looking for ways to put our clients first. That is why we invested in state-of-the-art ZUND Digital Cutter enabling us to complete projects swiftly and cost-effectively.

2015 ZUND digital cutter

ZUND Digital Cutter

Steel rule dies can be expensive, especially if the design is an intricate one. Moreover, it takes time to produce steel rule dies, which adds to the total time it takes to complete a project. At Sine-tific, we save our customers time and money with the ZUND Digital Cutter. The ZUND Digital Cutter is limited only by the imagination – which means it can cut any shape you envision. Because it doesn’t require dies, we are able to complete jobs in less time.

How it works

Before we export the design to the server, we add what we call a “cut layer” to the design. Then, we export the design and the ZUND Digital Cutter makes the cuts. The ZUND Digital Cutter is incredibly versatile. It can cut all types of materials, including foam rubber, vinyl, hard plastic and many more!

Routing and engraving in sandwich material
with Zünd S3 digital cutting table.


Laser Engraver

Our Laser Engraver enables us to mark parts quickly and efficiently. We use it to engrave anything from custom rubber stamps to bamboo cutting boards. We even use it to mark stainless steel, which is a very difficult material to engrave; as a result, we are able to engrave stainless steel at a cost-effective rate.

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For more information about our services and equipment, contact us or give us a call at 408-432-3434 and speak with one of our representatives regarding your project.

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