Industries Specialized

Sine-tific Solutions has been providing customized identification products for industrial and commercial use since 1963. We have the leading industrial engraving cutting-edge technology and knowledgeable staff to manufacture labeling products that provide optimal performance for a variety of specialized industries. Our labels, nameplates, graphic overlays, and other industry-specific engraving products have been used across many industries, from Mil-Spec Engraving for the Defense industry to serial ID tags for devices in the Medical Industry.  We have even created photosensitive metal keepsakes for commercial and private customers.

Industries Served

Sine-tific Solutions is proud to have many customers in a variety of specialized industries, including:

  • Military & Defense - Sine-tific Solutions has the resources and industry experience to provide Military Specification Identification Products for specialized applications. 
  • Medical & Pharmaceutical - Medical and pharmaceutical industries have a variety of applications that require medical engraving, product labeling, and equipment identification, Sine-tific provides the solution.
  • Electrical – Sine-tific Solutions has extensive experience in the industrial engraving of electrical items and electronics.
  • Industrial OEMs – Sine-tific Solutions provides industry-specific engravings for a wide range of industrial OEMs.
  • Aerospace – Our industrial engraving technology provides efficient, maintenance-free, non-destructive and non-dimension-changing solutions for the aerospace industry.
  • Semi-conductor – Sine-tific Solutions industrial engraving technology for semiconductors is world-class. Our industrial engraving team will provide quality engraving services for your semiconductor project needs.
  • Facilities Engineering & Maintenance - Sine-tific Solutions has the resources and industry experience to provide industrial engravings for facilities engineering and maintenance services.
  • Commercial Products – Sine-tific Solutions provides high-quality industrial engraving services for numerous commercial products.
  • Energy Generation – Energy generation is dangerous, engraved metal signs are a must for keeping workers safe. Sine-tific Solutions provides industrial specific engravings for energy generation products and facilities.
  • Heavy Equipment Manufacturers – When operating large, heavy equipment users need to be as cautious as possible. Sine-tific Solutions provides the metal engraved signage to keep workers and the general population as safe as possible.

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