Design Assistance for Product Identification Solutions

Design assistance is a valuable service that can make the most of your time and money. Your ideas and application requirements are used to determine the best materials, configuration, and process to produce the perfect product for your needs. For those who are unsure of their design or may not have the time to dedicate, design services make it easy to get the finished product they need.

Sine-tific offers design assistance for our product identification solutions from screen printing to die making. Our team of experts will work with you to generate ideas and turn those into the custom engraving or printed labeling solution that will work for your application.

Our Design Services Ensure High-Quality Products that Meet Your Needs

Idea Generation

You can provide us with your ideas up front with a rough sketch, a photo, or just a general list of requirements that you need. If you’re unsure of your design, you can also work with our talented team of engineers to generate ideas for your engraving or printing product.

We work with you to best understand your custom product including:

  • Where and how a product will be used
  • Material requirements and limitations
  • Production volumes
  • Production schedule
  • Your budget

Customer Approval

We want to create the product that meets all of your requirements and will not follow through with the production process until we receive your final approval. You will be able to view all of the plans and proofs beforehand to make sure the sizing, configurations, and colors match your vision. Customer satisfaction is always a priority for Sine-tific Solutions.


Once we have your approval, we will engineer your engraving or printing product with your unique design. With our extensive experience in product identification solutions, we will manufacture the highest quality item and always remain true to your approved design.

Sine-tific Provides Design Assistance for a Variety of Services

For all of our product identification solutions, we offer design assistance for you to ensure the best final product. Our services include:

Screen Printing Design Assistance:

Screen printing is available for a variety of materials and applications. We can screen print in any color on any material, and we will work with you to create a design that meets your needs.

Photosensitive Metal Design Assistance:

We can create high-resolution images and text on metal surfaces. With virtually endless options, our design assistance team is here to help you create the final product that is right for you.

Engraving Design Assistance:

From nameplates to tubes to front panels, we can engrave a wide range of items and materials. Work with our engineers from idea generation to final production to ensure your engraved product meets your application needs.

Die Making Design Assistance:

We offer custom dies and tooling that are tailored to your needs. We work with you through consultations to CAD designs to die construction to ensure you are satisfied with your product each step of the way.

Contact Sine-tific Solutions for Product Identification Solutions

We offer custom engineered identification solutions for a variety of applications including military, medical, and electrical industries. Through our design assistance services, we ensure complete satisfaction in our products. To see examples of our work, view the gallery.

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