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Interior signage is vital to properly communicating with and presenting an effective wayfinding plan to guide visitors and staff throughout your facility. Highly effective wayfinding signs are designed and engineered to meet the architectural signage and ADA signage needs of the facility in which they are built around. Custom facility signs must also have consistent typography, type height, icons, grid design, color and material design concepts for added flow and consistency. There are many different interior signage options available depending on your wayfinding needs.

The Basics of Wayfinding

When creating wayfinding paths through interior signage it is important to show information at strategic points to guide people in the right directions. Distances, locations and time may be different than previously remembered; that’s why it is extremely important for your facility to have signage standards that make it easy for the people within your facility to understand and follow. An effective interior signage wayfinding system is based on human behavior and consists of the following features:

  • Show Only What is Needed – Only show information that is relevant to the space, location and navigation path.
  • No Thinking Allowed - Create an all-inclusive, transparent and reliable visual communication system with concise messaging that is directly obvious.
  • Remove Excessive Information - Remove unnecessary elements to create a clear visual environment ahead.

Interior Signage Design Process

When creating a signage system for an area, building or architectural structure it is essential to develop a strategic wayfinding scheme. This way you can design custom facility signs that will adapt to your facilities’ surrounding environment. Research is an important first in understanding your buildings’ dynamics and where information is needed to maximize the effective nature of your wayfinding system. The four main types of custom facility signs include:

  • Informational Signs – This type of interior signage is used to provide information regarding an area.
  • Directional Signs – This type of wayfinding sign is used to provide specific information regarding the location of a place, usually in terms of arrows.
  • Identification Signs – This type of custom facility sign provides descriptive information regarding a specific place.
  • Warning Signs – This type of sign warns of immediate dangers, or safety procedures such as fire escape routes, no smoking areas and other regulations that are allowed or disallowed in a specific area.

Interior Signage Typeface & Design

The typeface and design of a wayfinding and custom facility sign should be basic with easy-to-read large type that stands out. The preferred typeface should include the following conditions:

  • A clear and straightforward type design.
  • Easily recognizable letterforms
  • A font family of many different weights.
  • Positive letter spacing
  • Large X-height typeface for improved readability.

All-in-all it is vitally important to be consistent regarding typography, type height, icons, grid design, color, and material choice. The signs need to feature a straight forward design with a consistent order to wayfinding scheme. The same order for displaying the information should always be utilized.

Fully Customizable ADA Signs

At Sine-tific Solutions we also have the capabilities of producing fully custom interior signage that are in 100% compliance with the ADA. Our collection of tangible ADA signage provides you with a wide range of options. You can completely customize your signs based on the style and atmosphere of your space, which eliminates the possibility of creating a boring sign. We also offer multiple design options, colors, and categories for your ADA signs, which makes it nearly impossible to provide a design that we cannot produce.

Fully Customized Interior Signage Capabilities

Signage standards such as durability, reproducibility, and clarity are all important factors to consider when constructing your interior wayfinding plans. At Sine-tific Solutions we have the capabilities to produce fully custom facility signs to your exact standards. Our advanced quality wayfinding signs provide numerous quality signage standard features and benefits that will meet or exceed your expectations.

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Facility Signs

Facility Signs

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