Acrylic Screen Printing Services

Acrylic screen printing is a widely popular and economical alternative to printing on polycarbonate. This transparent, lightweight, and shatter-resistant material is strong but scratches easily. These properties make acrylic screen printing best for light duty applications, such as circuit board covers or indoor signage.

Flexible Solutions for Custom Acrylic Screen Printing

Sine-tific Solutions provides custom acrylic screen printing services for applications and industries ranging from consumer products to parts used in aerospace. A focus on smaller volume and R&D custom screen printing jobs means we can give more attention to your project than a high-volume print shop. You can expect high quality printing on each piece, along with adherence to industry-specific guidelines.  

We print on acrylic between 3mm and 10mm thick. Depending on the design, we can also accommodate printing on materials as thin as 1.5mm. All designs are printed using UV ink, which creates highly legible text and produces high image quality and intense color. These inks also offer excellent wear resistance to keep text and images crisp and colors vivid long-term.

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Sine-tific Solutions is your premier California acrylic screen printing source. Contact us for more information regarding our acrylic screen printing capabilities, or request a quote for an in-depth price analysis today.

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