Medical Engravings

Instruction labels, calibration stickers and asset labels appear on medical devices for a reason: they provide essential information to the doctors and nurses who use them. These labels need to be resistant to fluids and chemicals, and be able to withstand autoclave sterilization processing. To create labels durable enough for use in medical facilities, choose metal. At Sine-tific Solutions, we provide a wide range of metal engraving services to the medical industry.

In order to accommodate the specific challenges that the medical industry presents, Sine-tific Solutions has developed:

  • Medical engraving
  • Photosensitive etching
  • Screen printing
  • Sub-surface printing
  • Metal stamping options

Applications for Medical Engraving Products

Medical and pharmaceutical industries have a variety of applications that require medical engraving, product labeling, and equipment identification. Sine-tific Solutions put our years of industry experience to work by assisting you in selecting the optimal material and manufacturing process for your labeling products. Medical engraving can produce a number of products, including:

  • Equipment labels
  • Asset labels
  • Instruction labels
  • Dataplates
  • Calibration stickers
  • ID tags
  • Security labels
  •  Tamper resistance labels
  • Serialized or barcoded labels

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Since 1963, Sine-tific Solutions has served many customers in the medical field. For more information about our medical engravings, or to request a quote, contact us today at 408-432-3434.


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