Equipment We Use

Sine-tific produces high-quality, long-lasting engraved, and printed labels for demanding applications. We use a variety of state-of-the-art equipment to engrave plastic, metal, and other surfaces with ultimate precision.  

Screen Printing Operation

Screen printing involves using mesh and a squeegee to transfer ink onto a substrate. This process is compatible with metal and plastic materials and is the ideal option for creating large, bold images. Screen printing produces clear images for creating labels, nameplates, and other flat or dome-shaped products. We utilize the following equipment for screen printing projects:

  • Long Printing: These printers are designed to produce large labels up to 10 feet long.
  • Roland Digital Printer: This equipment allows for quick, precise production and is utilized for prototype labels or short runs.
  • Zund Digital Cutter: A high precision cutting machine designed to produce intricate designs faster than die methods.

Metal Photographic Processing

Photosensitive metals react to visible light to create images on a metal surface. We make our own film and use die-cutting and CNC equipment to produce labels and photos in the shape and size you need. Sine-tific also has a dark room designated to metal photo production.

Engraving Services

Industrial engraving is a process used to create high-resolution text and images on plastic and metal surfaces. Engraving is used to produce a broad range of products, including labels, nameplates, panels, tubes, and more. We use the following equipment to achieve the high precision and efficiency required for these projects:

  • Datron CNC Engraving/Milling Machine: A high-speed, multi-task machine used to engrave and fabricate customer products.
  • Haas VM2: We use this precision equipment to engrave and machine customer projects.
  • Universal Laser Engraving Machine: This equipment is used for CO2 laser engraving logos and images on metal and plastic surfaces.
  • Newing Hall Mill Engraving Machines: Our facility has two of these highly advanced machines for engraving standard and irregularly shaped items.  
  • Electric Discharge Machine (EDM): We use Sinker EDM machines to create metal dies for engraving and printing applications.
  • Pantograph Machine:  Sometimes, manual engraving is the best method. We use our manual engraving machine for simple designs and prototypes or small production runs.
  • Dahlgren CNC Engraving Machine: We use this engraving machine to produce detailed images on tags.

Support Equipment

In addition to production equipment, we use various types of maintenance equipment to complement our engraving and printing processes.

High-Quality Metal Engraving for All Industries

Sine-tific offers a full range of engraving services to industries ranging from manufacturing to the military. We have the expertise to handle intricate designs and produce products that meet stringent industry guidelines. Contact us today to discuss your engraving project.
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