Screen Printing on Polyester Plastic

When it comes to screen printing, you want to be sure your overlay won’t wear away. With excellent wear-and-tear resistance, polyester is an ideal solution for applications exposed to frequent abrasion or harsh substances. We work with high quality polyester, among other materials, to provide consistent, sharp labels designed for the most stringent industry standards. 

Sine-tific Solutions uses the highest-grade equipment to produce fast and easily repeatable designs with resolutions up to 100 LPI. We can print your silk-screen labels using a variety of specialized inks and/or chemicals, including custom colors, fluorescent, metallic, conductive, insulated, textured, and several protective options.

Is Polyester the Best Plastic for Your Silk-Screening Project?

With so many different types of plastic to choose from, it can be difficult to know which one is best suited to your project. Some of the reasons you might choose polyester over other plastic materials include:

  • Highly resistant to chemicals, acids, and solvents
  • Able to withstand harsh weather and high temperatures
  • Extremely durable and scratch-resistant
  • Won’t tear, wrinkle, or peel off
  • Maintains superior flex resistance
  • Cost-effective plastic option

Get Started on Your Polyester Screen Printing

While polyester offers several benefits, it is a bit more limited in regard to available thicknesses and textures compared to other plastics, such as polycarbonate. If you are unsure which plastic is most appropriate for your screen-printing application, contact us, and we will assist you.

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