Engraved Nameplates & ID Plates

Engraved nameplates and identification labels are commonly used in industrial applications to identify or tag equipment and machinery. The materials used are generally durable, scratch resistant, weather resistant and can be engraved with accuracy and legibility. Engraved nameplates are typically made using plastic substrate, phenolic substrate or anodized aluminum, though other materials may be used depending on the application.

Etching vs. Engraving Nameplates

Etching and engraving are marking methods that produce a relatively similar result, but the processes are actually quite different. Etching is a process that involves using acids to eat away surface material to create a design, where engraving uses tools or lasers that cut into a surface to create a design. Etching is best suited for glass or metals that can resist harsh etching chemicals, whereas engraving is suitable for a range of materials including metals and plastic.

Engraving is typically performed using one of three methods: diamond-drag (scratch) engraving, burnishing, and rotary engraving. Material is a primary factor in selecting an engraving method, with the desired look or result being second. Scratch engraving, for example, is not suitable for plastic but can be used for other materials. Rotary engraving works on wood, metals, and plastics and can produce two- and three-dimensional finishes.  The type of engraving method depends on your material choice and desired look, and the durability required for the operating environment where the engraved nameplate will be installed.

For more information about the difference between etching and engraving, click here

Engraved Nameplates for Industrial Applications

Durable materials will ensure that your engraved nameplates last, but machining them isn’t easy – unless you have the right technology and skills. At Sine-tific Solutions, we use some of the most sophisticated machining techniques to create attractive engraved nameplates.

A large number of industries rely on engraved nameplates and adhesive backed nameplates for use on their products and manufacturing equipment. From asset labels to security tags, engraved metal products from Sine-tific Solutions are a cost-effective identification solution for a variety of applications. We are conveniently located in San Jose and have the technology and experience to create a customized solution for nameplates that will work to meet your performance and durability needs.

Some of the most common applications for engraved nameplates include:

  • Engraved equipment nameplates
  • Asset labels
  • Control panel nameplates
  • Instruction labels & data plates
  • Calibration stickers
  • ID tags
  • Security & tamper resistance labels
  • Serialized or barcoded labels
  • Graphic panel overlays

Adhesive Backed Engraving for Labeling and Identification Applications

Adhesive backed engraving is a versatile solution for various labeling and identification applications. We produce adhesive nameplates using phenolic substrate, ABS plastic substrate, and a range of other materials of various thicknesses. Sine-tific Solutions’ engraved nameplates are also offered a range of colors and finishes to provide you with a fully customized identification solution.

Our adhesive backed nameplates feature a pressure-sensitive adhesive and can be quickly mounted without tools. Engraved plates with adhesive backs can also be designed with mounting holes to provide superior holding power for demanding applications. Adhesive nameplates are ideal for permanent identification applications such as labeling equipment, machinery, entrances and exits, restrooms, and more. They can also be used for safety applications such as clearly identifying pipes, pumps, filtration systems, and shut-off valves, or posting safety and hazard warnings.

Adhesive Backed Engraved Nameplates for Military Applications

Engraved nameplates for military applications are required to meet specifications outlined by the Department of Defense for compliance with military Unique Identifier (UID) requirements. Our engraved nameplates that meet military specifications including Mil-Spec 19834 Adhesive Backed Foil Plates for use with internal and external equipment identification and instructions.  

Get Started on Your Engraved Nameplates from Sine-tific Solutions

Sine-tific Solutions has the manufacturing capability and engineering experience to provide high-quality products. Located in San Jose, we’re in the heart of the Silicon Valley and have experience working with various manufacturing and technology companies to provide industrial product identification solutions including engraving, screen printing, and secondary services like die making, and more.

We also provide military engraved nameplate solutions that meet engraved plates adhesive back Mil-Spec 19834 and other military engraving specifications, as well as medical engraving and other industry standards. Contact us to get started on your custom engraved ID plates and adhesive backed nameplates.

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