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When a label wears away, it can’t convey the information that it is there to provide. In some extreme situations, a missing label can put lives in danger. Any vehicle, instrument or piece of equipment that will be subjected to heavy use or a harsh environment (or both!) needs labels that will last even under tough conditions.

How do you make a label, nameplate or overlay that lasts? Make it out of metal. Photosensitive metal products are an innovative option for labeling and identification.

Sine-tific Solutions manufactures a number of custom metal photo products for a variety of industries. With sophisticated imaging technology, we etch high-resolution text and images onto sheet metal. We can also apply a wide range of finishes and colors, creating a labeling solution that’s as attractive as it is durable.  Photosensitive metal labeling technology ensures products with a professional appearance and long-lasting durability in even the harshest environments.

Examples of Custom Metal Prints

Sine-tific Solutions can create a variety of customized metal photo products for your business. Our portfolio of custom metal prints includes:

  • Solar panel applications
  • Instruction labels & panel overlays
  • Dial components
  • Id plates for equipment and products
  • Logo nameplates
  • Safety and hazard diagrams
  • Model/serial labels
  • Mil-Spec equipment labels
  • Dataplates
  • Tamper evident seals
  • Nameplates for industrial OEMs
  • Asset tags
  • Pick guards for personal guitars
  • Photo album keepsakes

Getting Started with Your Custom Metal Printing Order

If you aren’t sure which materials, adhesives, and finishes are best for your project, let our team guide you. Because we’ve been doing this since 1963, Sine-tific Solutions has the expertise to make your project the very best it can be. Please check out our Art Acceptance Guidelines in order to prepare your working files for production. Contact us today to get started with your order for photosensitive metal prints.

photosensitive metal prints

Photosensitive Metal Prints

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