Hot Stamp Labels

Barcodes and other hot stamp labels have a long way to go before they reach their final destination. A barcode that flakes off after tumbling around in the back of a delivery truck might doom the parcel to be forever lost. It simply doesn’t pay to by low-quality labels. That’s why customers in a wide range of industries choose Sine-tific Solutions as their premier provider of serialized labels, barcode labels and other hot stamp labels.

 All of our roll-to-roll processes use thin film mylars and vinyls that are overlaminated with thin film laminations. We use only the best quality permanent acrylic adhesives for product durability and longevity. We can work with you in the development of your hot stamp labels, serialized labels, or barcode labels to ensure the materials used will work effectively in your specific application.

Manufacturing Process for Hot Stamp Labels

We produce hot stamp labels through a unique process. The stamping head heats the plate which is then stamped through a foil color medium onto the substrate and then overlaminated to protect the image. Limited colors are available and are applied using an etched aluminum plate with your image engraved on it and positioned onto a thermally conductive stamping head. We use a mechanical serializing head to imprint the sequential number and a zebra thermal printed to imprint the bar codes. We can accommodate any code from 3 of 9 to alpha numeric and code 128. Applications include:

  • Model labels
  • Serial labels
  • Asset tags
  • Barcode labels

Getting Started on Your Hot Stamp Labels

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