Amplifier Front Panel Made from Photosensitive Aluminum
  MIL-19834, Type I, Style III, Fed-Std-595, 37038
  MIL-15024, Type H, Style III, Fed-Std-595, 37038
  MIL-19834, Type I, Style IV, Fed-Std-595, 27038



Photosensitive Metal Labels & ID Plate Solutions

Essential product or equipment information like safety diagrams, instruction labels, and ID plates should never wear away. These information tags need to match the lifespan of the product to which they’re attached. If you’re looking for an option that offers longevity and durability, consider using a photosensitive plate for custom metal labels that will stand the test of time.

Sine-tific Solutions uses state-of-the-art equipment to produce high-resolution images on photosensitive plates for custom metal labels. With photosensitive metal labels and ID plates, we can provide a variety of industrial and commercial products with true photographic quality. We can even reproduce photographs on metal to create unique keepsakes and gifts. 

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Custom Metal Labels, ID Nameplates & More

Using proven photosensitive metal etching techniques, Sine-tific Solutions can create a wide spectrum of custom metal labels for industrial and commercial applications. From standard photosensitive metal ID plates to personalized keepsakes, the possibilities are limitless! Our extensive portfolio includes:

  • Solar panel applications
  • ID plates for equipment & products
  • Model/serial labels
  • Mil-Spec equipment labels
  • Data plates
  • Tamper evident seals
  • Nameplates for industrial OEMs
  • Logo nameplates
  • Dial components
  • Asset tags
  • Instruction labels & panel overlays
  • Safety and hazard diagrams
  • Pickguards for customized guitars
  • Photo album keepsakes

We have the capabilities to create custom metal labels with imprinted images on one or both sides of the photosensitive plate or sheet. Using a die cutting machine or CNC technology, we can produce photosensitive metal labels in sizes and shapes to match your specifications. A variety of mounting options are available for custom metal labels and ID tags.

Material Information for Photosensitive Metal Labels & ID Plates

  • Anodized aluminum sheet metal
  • Available sizes up to 12” x 20” sheets
  • Sheet metal thickness available up to 1/8”
  • Silver or gold color
  • Mil-Spec requirement compliant

Photoetching Options

  • Images or text on one or both sides of part
  • High resolution black & white photo imaging
  • Background or selective coloring
  • Serial numbers or barcoding
  • High resolution or half-tone options

Photosensitive Metal Finishing Options

  • Matte or satin finish
  • Custom metal labels & ID plates can be die cut or CNC cut to specific dimensions
  • Adhesives or fastener application

When to Choose Photosensitive Plate Labels & Tags

Photosensitive metal labels offer a clean, professional, and distinct look. In numerous situations, photosensitive metal labels and ID plates are also the most practical choice for an application. If you need custom metal labels and ID tags that can withstand heavy use and/or harsh environments, then a photosensitive plate is the ideals solution. OEMs that frequently use photosensitive metal labels include medical equipment manufacturers and military component manufacturers.

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Sine-tific Solutions has the knowledge and industry experience to help you create custom metal labels and ID tags that match your vision. We can assist you in selecting the optimal materials, adhesives, and finishes for your photosensitive metal label project. Request a quote today, or contact us to get started.

Please view our Art Acceptance Guidelines to prepare your working files for production.