Tool Modification

Both standard and unique applications often require modified tooling or custom tool fabrication that takes your design requirements into consideration. Personalized tools are a great alternative to more expensive factory specific tools with the added benefit of designing them to your exact needs.  Custom tooling is especially helpful for applications involving advanced shapes or those where standard tools won’t fit or perform the function you need.

Custom Tooling and Modification for Tooling Applications

Lathe tooling is used to perform a range of metalworking operations including drilling, sanding, cutting, knurling, facing, turning and deformation. Turning operation and workpiece material are the two most important factors in designing your lathe tool, and the point of your tool is ground by a machinist based on these factors. High speed cutting on a hard metal will generate heat that requires a cutting tool material that can handle high temperatures. The shape and profile of the point are also important and determine the direction the tool will cut and the shape the tool makes as it cuts into the metal.

Collets are bands or sleeves placed around a cylindrical object, then fitted in a matching tapered sleeve to create a strong and uniform clamping force. They are commonly used for Lathe tooling and Wire EDM tooling applications to hold workpieces of various sizes. Having the correct collet size is important to achieve a firm grip. If you accidentally order the incorrect collet or have one with a few imperfections or that needs to be modified to fit your tooling needs, we can help. Our custom tool fabrication services can be used to create a modified tool design for your existing collet so it performs as needed for your tooling application.

Whether you need a custom or modified collet for your Wire EDM tooling application or regrinding your carbine tipped tools for more effective lathe tooling, Sine-tific has the capability to provide the modified tool design services you need. Contact us today to learn more.

Personalized Tools for Your Unique Tooling Applications

When tools become worn or no longer work for a specific application, one option is to purchase new tools that meet your application requirement. This can be expensive, and not always necessary when there are more cost-effective options like tool modification.

Sine-tific provides custom tooling and modified tooling design to provide you with the exact tools you need to machine advanced shapes, wither you’re working with a Lathe or Wire EDM machine. Examples of tool modifications and custom tool fabrication we can provide can include:

  • OD and ID modifications
  • Reshaping cutting edges
  • Surface grinding for improved cutting
  • Replacing or regrinding worn tips
  • Reconditioning and resurfacing 
  • Tool profile modifications
  • Modifying tool length, shape or angle
  • Surface refurbishing or to extend tool life
  • Custom lathe tooling and wire EDM tooling
  • Custom replacement inserts for lathe tooling

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Since-tific provides a range of services including modified tool design, personalized tools, custom dies, and more. Request a quote for custom tool fabrication today or contact us to learn more about our custom capabilities.

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