Domed Labels & Nameplates

A logo that wears away or falls off makes a product look cheap. A warning label that isn’t clear doesn’t do its job. The label on your product is a miniature brand ambassador -- it needs to last a long time. Logos need to pop, and warning labels need to stand out so they’re sure to be seen. Domed labels are a durable, long-lasting solution that doesn’t sacrifice design.

Companies around the world purchase their custom domed labels from Sine-tific Solutions because we create the most durable and professional domed labels in the business. Together, these features make our domed labels an excellent, long-lasting solution to showcase your brand and support your product identification. Our custom domed labels are designed and produced to enhance your product and to build brand recognition. 

Domed Label Process

The process of creating custom domed labels involves the mixing of a resin and a catalyst to create a mixed polyurethane resin. The typical process involves utilizing clean rooms combined with the proper techniques for dispensing the resin. Custom domed labels have a curing time of typically 8-12 hours. During the typical 8-12 hour cure time keeping the domes free of lint and other typical airborne objects is essential.

Domed Label Applications

Sine-tific Solutions can provide custom nameplates and durable domed labels for a variety of industrial uses. Our custom domed labels and nameplates are a cost-effective solution for:

  • Appliances
  • Construction equipment
  • Military equipment
  • Medical devices
  • Tools
  • Instrumentation panels

Beneficial Characteristics of Domed Labels

If you’ve been dissatisfied with labels in the past, it is probably because they didn’t match your vision and they didn’t hold up after heavy use. Domed labels are a smart choice for equipment that will be used in harsh environments or any other situation where durability is essential. What makes domed labels so reliable?

  • Self-healing polyurethane
  • High-temperature resistance
  • Superior chemical resistance
  • Moisture resistance
  • Die cut to your specifications
  • Striking appearance
  • Ideal choice for heavy use and harsh environments

Color Matching, Die Cutting, and Imaging Services

To produce labels that match your unique designs, we offer a full complement of label production services. Using custom cutting dies, we can create any imaginable complex shape. Our custom color matching can accurately recreate your palette. In addition, with our advanced quality imaging services, we can incorporate images with clarity and precision. Lastly, we can finish labels with the adhesive that is most suitable for your application. The end result: optimal performance and quality that lasts. 

Custom Nameplates from Sine-tific Solutions

Sine-tific Solutions has been providing innovative custom nameplates for decades. Our extensive industry experience and proficiency in label development ensure that we can provide custom nameplates or labeling solution that will meet your requirements. We can offer a variety of materials, printing processes, adhesives, secondary fabrication, and finishing options for your custom nameplate requirement needs.

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