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Sine-tific Solutions has the resources and industry experience to provide Military spec engraving identification products for specialized applications. Our familiarity with Military standards for unique identification military UID tags products will ensure that your order will pass inspection. We generally work with Mil Spec 130, Mil-DTL-15024F, and Mil-P-19834, but can accommodate a number of other Military Spec engravings identification requirements as well.

Mil-STD-130M (Mil Spec 130)

A standard mandated by the Department of Defense to be compliant with military Unique Identifier (UID) requirements. This specification directs all assets and personalized property must be marked with a serialized identification number that is unique and machine readable. This standard provides the item marking criteria for development of specific marking requirements and methods for identification of items of military property produced, stocked, stored, and issued by or for the Department of Defense. This standard addresses criteria and data content for both free text and machine-readable information (MRI) applications of item identification marking.


Mil-DTL-15024 is a military spec engravings method for Military identification that requires characters to be either sunken or relief etched into a metal or plastic plate. Mil-DTL-15024 requires the etched or sunken areas of military UID tags should then be filled with a colored paint, enamel, or lacquer with approved colors for the application. Mil-DTL-15024 performance specification covers the physical characteristics of plates, tags and bands (identification devices) used for identification of equipment. Examples of information to be marked on the identification devices are covered in the applicable specification sheets. The types of ID devices that Mil-DTL-15024 covers, includes:

  • Etched or chemically-engraved plate
  • Engraved plate
  • Stamped plate
  • Cast plate
  • Screen or litho print plate
  • Laminated plate
  • Adhesive-backed plate
  • Photosensitive plate (Type H)
  • Cable band
  • Cable band (heat shrinkable)
  • Laser-generated plate


Mil-spec 19834 is a military spec engravings process for military UID tags. These military UID tags are made of metal foil and backed with adhesive. Mil-P-19834 products are used for both internal and external equipment identification and instruction plates.

Military Specification Applications

Metal Photo IDs, Information Plates, Instruction Plates, Signs, Identification Tags

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